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Directions for the HP Laserjet 2430DTN Upkeep Kit

Apr 2014
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Upkeep kits, otherwise generally known as "fuser kits," include several replacement components that generally put on out on laser printers, for example rollers, separation pads, in addition to a fusing assembly. These components are vital for making use of heat and stress to bond the toner towards the paper. The upkeep kit need to be bought and installed when your HP LaserJet 2430DTN printer displays the error message "Perform Printer Upkeep."


1 Open the best cover from the printer and take away the toner cartridge. Use pliers to pinch the tabs around the transfer roller when lifting it up and for the left to take away it. Insert the new transfer roller around the suitable side very first, making sure the metal tip is secured in to the black clip. Spot the left side of your roller in location, creating confident the spring a part of the white plastic bushing is facing down and also the grooves match up using the seating. Push down to lock it into spot.

2 Eliminate Tray 2 and lay the printer on its back to assist you obtain access for the pickup roller. Use your finger to pry out the white plastic lever beside the roller and rotate it outward. Slide the lever for the left to eliminate it. Slide the pickup roller towards the left then pry out and rotate the white plastic lever around the proper from the roller then slide it for the appropriate to release it. Lift the pickup roller out of your printer and get rid of the compact gray rollers from either finish. Spot these rollers around the new pickup roller. Location the new roller in to the printer left side very first, rotating it as you slide it towards the suitable. Be certain the drive shaft rests inside the slots. Replace the left lever and rotate each it plus the appropriate lever down till they lock into spot.

3 Turn off the printer and let it cool for no less than 20 minutes. Open the back door of your printer each of the way and use a screwdriver to get rid of each screws visible around the sides. Close the back door on the printer and lay the printer on its front. Open the paper guard in the back of Tray 2. Use a screwdriver to release the two tabs from inside Tray 2. Eliminate the rear cover with the printer. Take away the gray DIMM cover and make use of the screwdriver to to disengage the tab around the connector to unplug it. Eliminate the smaller black plastic cover around the suitable side on the printer close to green fuser gear. Unplug the two wire connectors to absolutely free the yellow and white wire. Eliminate the 4 screws that hold the fuser in spot and get rid of the duplexer inlet guide by prying the tabs on each ends loose. Eliminate the fuser. Eliminate the key fuser gear in the left side with the printer by depressing the release tab and sliding it off the metal bar. Replace it with all the new gear that came together with your upkeep kit. Insert the new fuser and safe the 4 fuser screws in spot. Repeat all directions in reverse till the back cover is when once again screwed into location.

4 Open the toner cartridge door. Spread the black tabs on either side in the Tray 1 pickup roller and rotate to release it. Use a screwdriver to pry the blue separation pad on each sides and within the middle till it snaps loose. Align the new separation pad with teeth facing down and use a screwdriver to assist safe it into spot. Snap the new pickup roller into spot.

5 Open Tray 2 and take away the 2 screws that hold the separation pad in spot. Eliminate the old separation pad assembly and replace it with all the new one particular, working with the screws to safe it in spot.

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