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Disassemble HP Mini 210 Netbook

Jan 2015
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Disassemble HP Mini 210 Netbook

1 Shut down your HP Mini 210 netbook. Disconnect the
power cord and any devices connected for the netbook. Lift up the netbook and spot it upside down on a flat surface. Position the netbook so the battery is closest to you.

two Push the battery-unlock latch around theappropriate side on the battery around the netbook for the left. Push the battery-release latch on the left side of the battery to theproper. Lift and eliminate the battery.

three Slide the base cover-release latch around the back wall of your left side of your battery bay to theright. Lift and get rid of the base cover on the back of your HP Mini 210 netbook. Locate the tough drive above the battery bay.

four Unplug the really hard drive cable extending from the left side from thechallenging drive bracket and plugged in to the HP Mini 210 netbook. Eliminate the two screws around the left side on the bracket and also thea single screw around thecorrect side in the bracket. Lift and remove the bracket. Eliminate the two screws outdoorsfrom the left and appropriate sides of yourtough drive bay and above the center on thetough drive bay.

5 Push the holding clips on thequick edges of your memory module, locatedwithin the upper left corner in the HP Mini 210 netbook, outward. The module will pop up. Meticulouslytake away the module.

six Unplug the two cables from the bottom of your WLAN card inside the upper-right corner of the HP Mini 210 netbook. Eliminate the two screws in the bottom on the WLAN card, causing it to tilt upward at a 45-degree angle. Pull the WLAN card meticulously out on the netbook.

7 Lift up the HP Mini 210 netbook and set it down right-side up. Open the
show. Slide a flathead screwdriver in behind the final row of keys and pry the keyboard up. Lift the keyboard and spot it, keys down, in front of your mouse touch pad. Lift up around the connector just behind the mouse touch pad that holds the ribbon cable extending from the keyboard inside the netbook. Meticulously pull the ribbon cable out of the netbook. Lift and remove the keyboard.
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