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How about Compaq Presario CQ1-1225 18.5-inch All-In-One PC

Dec 2014
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The Presario CQ1-1225 is definitely an updated version of yoursimple entry level all-in-one system from HP beneath the Compaq brand. Rather thanusingcomplete desktop or laptop components, it is actuallyprimarily basedabout the powereffective Intel Atom processor. It has been upgraded towards themost current D525 dual core processor that helpsincreasefunctionality slightly however itnevertheless has several restrictions. This is a processor very best suited to standard tasks such asinternet browsing, e-mail and productivity software program. A singlegood upgrade would be the memory now comes with 2GB of DDR3 that assists smooth out the practical experiencemore than the preceding 1GB.

Unlike the prior version with the Presario CQ1 that wereprimarily basedabout the Windows XP netbook licensing, the CQ1-1225 makes use of a full version of Windows 7 Dwelling Premium. This resolves a lot ofof your limitations that Microsoft placed on themethodhowever it did improve the cost. They could have utilized the Starter Edition but this provides the customersa lot more flexibility and and bypasses a number of the hardware restrictions the Starter license incurs.

One of many hardware restrictions that have been freed up is definitely thechallenging drive space. This CQ1-1225 doubles the storage from earlier version up to 320GB. This could possibly belittlein comparison tolots ofcomplete sized all-in-ones however it does give a considerableincrease. It does include a dual-layer DVD burner for playback and recording of CDs or DVDs.

The screen
on the CQ1-1225 remains unchanged from preceding versions. It stillutilizes the 18.5-inch showthat'sfairlysmall and comes with a 1366x768 resolution much morefrequentlynoticed in smaller laptops. A minimum ofit islarger that the common netbook. Unfortunately, the graphics are nonetheless severely limitedtogether with the Atom platform. The GMA 3150 graphics are fine for simple use likeweb browsing or watching DVDs. The bigproblemwould be the lack of efficiency for even fundamental 720p higher definition video streams, anythingprobableby way ofeach YouTube and solutionsfor instance Netflix streaming.
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