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How about Compaq Presario CQ5720f Budget Desktop PC

Dec 2014
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Processors for the new Presario CQ5720f happen to be upgraded slightly from thepast CQ5620f model. An AMD Athlon II 245 dual core processor handles all the computing. Whilst this is notanyplacenear the functionality of AMD's very affordable Phenom series or Intel's Core i3 processors, it'senoughfor all thosetaking a look atapplying a desktop programprimarily for internet, productivity and light media usage. A single disappointing aspect would be the memory although. While most corporations have moved to using 4GB, this a single comes with just 3GB of DDR3 which does hurt its performancesince itcan not run the memory within a dual-channel mode.

features for the value are fairly decent on the Compaq Presario CQ5720f. Most desktops at the sub $400 pricerangeinclude 500GB of less of space. HP has put a slightly bigger 640GB hard drive that delivers it with roughly 30 %much more space for applications, data and media files. A dual-layer DVD burner is alsoregular for handling playback and recording of CD or DVD media. One particulargoodfeature for the drive would be thecapacity to burn labels straight to compatible LightScribe CD or DVD media. A small media card reader is alsointegrated for one of the mostpopulartypes of flash media.

The graphics
on the Presario CQ5720f rely on the AMD Radeon HD 3000 integrated graphics. This presentsbetterefficiency than the Intel GMA 4500MHD because it does presenta little of 3D overall performancenevertheless itcontinues to bequiterestricted to just casual Pc gaming at decrease resolutions and detail levels. What hurts this revision in the desktop could be the removal of the PCI-Express graphics card slot. This means thatthere is certainly no efficient way of upgrading the graphics inside the techniqueand you will be stuck with all the integrated resolution. Then again, the low wattage energysupply would preventa lot of cards from becoming installed anyways.
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