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How do I Establish the Driver for any HP 5510?

Jul 2014
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Installing your printer requires a driver for the operating strategy in conjunction with the printer to communicate. Windows incorporates a list of default constructed in for the operating system. These drivers are constructed for very simple operation around the printer. Nonetheless, to operate with sophisticated functions together with the printer it might be most helpful to setup the manufacturer's driver and application. For the HP 5510, HP supplies drivers on their net web page for the printer. Figuring out the acceptable driver vital is dependent upon a handful of variables.


1 Establish the model inside the printer. You can find out 3 varieties around the 5510 that one of a kind capabilities. These model varieties are "5510", "5510v" and "5510xi." The model is normally positioned about the most beneficial around the machine about the left hand side above the fax quantity pad.

2 Recognize the operating strategy together with the machine in which you'd choose to setup the printer. That may be determined by going for the "Control Panel" and double-clicking "System." The screen will state which operating strategy is installed about the laptop.

3 Receive out irrespective of irrespective of whether that you just are generating use of a 32-bit private laptop or computer or 64-bit. This could also be positioned about the system screen. For XP systems, if it can not in particular state "x64 edition" then it definitely is usually a 32-bit strategy. The 64-bit strategy was uncommon for XP systems. For Vista and 7, that may be listed subsequent to "System wide variety." Use these 3 information and facts to recognize the acceptable driver.

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