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How to Disassemble a Compaq Presario C300

Jan 2015
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How to Disassemble a Compaq Presario C300

1 Shut down your Compaq Presario C300 laptop. Disconnect any cables and productsconnectedto your machine, then flip the laptop upside down and location it on the flat surface together with the back of the laptop inside ofquickreach.

two Push the battery release latch, locatedabovethe ideal side on the battery, to the left to release the battery in the Compaq Presario C300 laptop, then eliminate the battery.

threeTake awaythe two screws around the bottom in the battery bay employing a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the keyboard cover.

4 Rotate the laptop so the side that opens up is closest to you, then take outthe 2 screws from themajorwith thereally hard drive cover, positionedin the lower-middle with the Compaq Presario C300 laptop. Take out the cover.

5 Pull the challenging drive bracket for theproper edge of yourtough drive bay, then clear away it from your laptop.

sixClear away the screw within theright side with the memory module/Mini Card cover, located just under the battery bay during the center from the Compaq Presario C300. Take out the cover. The memory module is foundon the left side in the bay.

7 Push the retaining clips along the short sides on the memory module far from the module, creating the module to tilt upward. Thoroughly pull the memory module out of the slot.

8Take out the screw inside the lower-left corner from the memory module/Mini Card compartment.

9 Insert a flathead screwdriver
into theroom along the left edge of the compartment and gently tilt the screwdriver on thesuitable to push the optical drive out slightly.

ten Grasp the exposed optical drive along the back left edge of your Compaq Presario C300 laptop and get rid of it through the machine.

11Turn the laptop right-side up together with the side that opens dealing with you. Open the monitor and push all of itthe way in which back.

twelve Insert a flathead screwdriver in to the tabs behind the "F1," "F5," "F11" and "Insert" keys and pry up somewhat to loosen the keyboard cover. Get rid of the keyboard cover.

Clear away the screws behind the "F1," "F5," "F11" and "Insert" keys, then lift the back a part of the keyboard and place the bestwith the keyboard face down in front on the touch pad.

14 Push the black nubs on
each and every side with the keyboard ribbon cable connector around the laptop up, towards the keep track of, to release the ribbon cable. Carefully pull the ribbon cable from the Compaq Presario C300 laptop and remove the keyboard.
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