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How to Install an HP 2200 Inkjet

Jul 2014
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The HP Inkjet 2200 works with an attached computer through a USB cable connection. In order for the printer and the computer to communicate and work together properly, you must first install the printer's drivers and software on the computer. How you go about this process will depend on what operating system you computer is running and whether or not you have the installation disk that originally came with the Inkjet 2200


1 Turn on the printer and the computer. Boot up the computer's operating system and make sure the printer has finished its initialization processes.

2 Plug the USB cable into the back of the computer and the back of the printer. Wait for the computer to display a message saying "Your Devices Are Ready to Use" .

3. Insert  installation disk for the printer into the  optical drive. and then follow the "Next" Step.

And If you lost your drivers disk, and you have 2 ways to solve the problem.

One way is download the driver from the official site. detail, please see the following steps.

4. Go to HP's official site to download the drivers you need if you do not have the installation disk.

5. Select your OS, then click on the "Drivers.". And then the "Download" button to download the driver software. Double click the installation files to start the work.

And another way is the easiest way using the software on hp-drivers-download.com, it can help you get the drivers you need fast!

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