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How to Install RAM in Your HP Laptop

Feb 2015
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How to Install RAM in Your HP Laptop

1 Shut down your laptop. Remove the power cord and unplug the battery before proceeding.

2 Use an ESD wrist strap or other method to ground yourself before opening the computer.

3 Check your user manual for the location of the Memory Access door. It is located on the bottom of your computer. You can tell which one it is by the small picture of the RAM chips on the door.

4 Unscrew the memory access door and remove it.

5 Gently press apart the securing clips on either end of the RAM modules until they can be carefully rotated upward to a 45 degree angle.

6 Remove the RAM module from the connector by sliding it out of the slot.

7 Align the notch in the bottom of the new RAM module with the tab in the connector slot.

8 Slide the module firmly into the slot at a 45-degree angle.

9 Rotate the module downward until the securing clips clicks into place.

10 Replace the memory access door.

11 Replace the battery and power up the computer to be sure that the RAM is recognized.

1 Usually, you'll be safest installing the same type of RAM that is already installed in your computer.

2 To check on the current configuration of RAM in your HP computer, follow these steps.
For Windows XP:
On the Start menu, click "Help and Support." Under "My HP Computer," click "System Configuration." Look under "Memory" in the main panel.

3 For Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME:
On the Start menu, click "Run." Type "msconfig32.exe" in the Run box. If an MS Windows Help Page is displayed instead of an HP Help Page, download and install the HP Help and Support utility from the HP web site.

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