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How to Reset an HP Compaq TC1100

Apr 2015
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How to Reset an HP Compaq TC1100

1 Click the "Start" button
within the bottom left in the screen.

twoSelect "Turn Off Computer" from the bottom appropriatewith the menu.

3 Click the green "Restart" button. Windows XP will restart the pc.

Lookon theright side on thepc for the "Esc" and "Tab" buttons.

2Making use of a pencil, press the tiny circular button hidden among the "Esc" and "Tab" buttons.

3Pick "Shut Down" then "Turn Off" from the menu.

4 Wait for about 1 minute just before turning the laptop back on in thenormal manner.

Come across the energy switch around therightwith thecomputer system.

two Use your finger to slide the energy button upward and hold it in position for 4 seconds.

3 Wait as thelaptop or computer powers down. Permit a minute to pass beforebeginning the laptop up again.
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