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How to Return a Laptop to HP for Repairs

Feb 2015
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How you can Return a Laptop to HP for Repairs

1Make contact with HP customer service by calling them at 800-474-6836 if you're a dwellinguser and 800-334-5144 if you're a business enterpriseconsumer. Alternatively, you canspeak to HP customer service on their client care site.

twoGo overthe problemyou might beowningtogether with the HP laptop with the tech assistance agent that assists you. The tech help agent will attemptto help you fixthe problem. In case the agent can'thelp youcorrectthe problemalong with yourcomputer, he willschedule a restorefor yourpc and organizeto possess the laptop picked up.

3 Back up the dataon your laptop, if doable, in advance of shipping the computer back to HP.

four Pack the laptop in at the leastthree inches of foam packing materials or "packing peanuts" to guarantee the laptop is adequately protected from drops or shock for the duration of transit. If your laptop is notthoroughly packed, HP may possibly deem any injuryto the laptop during shipping as your obligation. If this happens, you will have topayfor thatrestoreon the laptop since HP will void the warrantyin your laptop.

5Watch for the HP-designated courier to come to yourhome or office and pick up the defective laptop. HP utilizeslicensed couriers this kind of as Federal Express and UPS to pick up and supplycomputers sent in for guaranteeservice repairs. The courier should arrive at your houseinsideone or two days of you owning contacted HP customer service. Give the driver the laptop and obtain a receipt for it.

six Wait five to 10 days for that completion of your repairs. You'll be able tocheck out the statusof therestore by going to the HP customer supportwebsite and clicking over the "Check Repair Order" from the "Discover More" areawithin themainweb page.
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