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How to Set up HP DeskJet 3650 Printer Drivers

Oct 2013
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An HP DeskJet 3650 comes with a CD together with the essential drivers. If you receive the printer secondhand, it may not come with the CD. Nonetheless, you'll be able to set up the drivers with no the CD.


1. Place the printer close to the pc. Usually do not make USB or power connections at this time.

2. Check out the HP Software & Driver Downloads site (see Resources). Select your operating system. Click “Next”.

3. Click the “+” symbol by “Drivers (2)” to expand the options. Select the type of download that you need. You can choose from “HP DeskJet Basis Feature Software/Driver” or “HP DeskJet Full Feature Software/Driver”. Click the “Download” button next to the download you need, which will open up a pop-up window asking if you would like to save the file.

4. Save the file to your desktop in the event you are using Internet Explorer so that it is easy to find. If you are using Firefox, a download window will open after you click “Save File” and the download will start, which you are able to watch in the open window.

5. Allow the download to complete. With Firefox, double-click the downloaded file in the download window. Follow the prompts to start the installation. With Internet Explorer, double-click the file from the desktop and follow the prompts to set up the software and drivers.

6. Connect the printer to the personal computer with the USB cable with you are prompted after the driver has been installed. Plug in the printer to the wall outlet. Turn the printer on and a test page will print out confirming that the printer is set up.

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