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How you can Charge a Compaq Laptop Battery

Apr 2015
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How you can Charge a Compaq Laptop Battery

1 Shut down your laptop. It
takessignificantlysignificantly lesstime tototally charge a laptop battery in the off position than it can be to charge an operating laptop.

two Plug the Compaq laptop into its AC/DC cable and connect to a reliablepowersupply. Wait for the laptop battery to finish charging.

3 Turn on the laptop and check the status with the battery. Test the length of time that the laptop battery charge is held by unplugging the laptop from theenergysource and leaving the computer system on but idle. Compare this time with the time that Compaq promises a new battery will last. If considerably shorter, continue following the following two actions to boost the battery life of your Compaq laptop.

4 Save battery time when using your Compaq laptop by shutting off peripheral devices and servicesthat you simplyare notright awayusing. As an example, retain your wireless Net card (WiFi) off when you're not browsing the net. This can bethe most notable cause ofspeedypower usage within a laptop.

five Dim the brightness on the Compaq's screen as considerablyas you can to extend your laptop battery charge. This really is the second majorreason forrapidpower usage. Also, unplug any USB devices such as external challenging drives, as these derive their powerin thecomputer itself and willpromptly drain your laptop's battery charge.
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