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How you can Take away an Ink Cartridge From an HP Deskjet 6520

Apr 2014
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The HP Deskjet 6520 carrier holds a colour ink cartridge and black ink cartridge, or maybe a colour ink cartridge and photo ink cartridge. The left slot holds the colour cartridge. The best slot holds the black cartridge or photo cartridge. Flip-style covers lock the cartridges within the carrier with side tabs that latch in the front with the slots. Removing an ink cartridge out of your 6520 merely demands that you simply unlock the tabs to achieve access for the cartridge, then pull the cartridge from its slot.               


1 Turn in your HP Deskjet 6520 printer.

2 Open the printer by lifting its leading cover.

3 Wait for the ink cartridge carrier to cease moving.

4 Spot your thumb around the groove close to the best front from the cover as well as your finger below the cover edge in the front on the carrier.

5 Press down around the cover together with your thumb, then lift out and up around the cover latch to unlock the cover and open it. Flip up the cover.

6 Grasp the ink cartridge and pull it out from its slot.

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