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How you can Troubleshoot an HP 5200

May 2014
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The HP Laserjet 5200 printer makes use of powdered toner to make documents at the same time as heat and stress inside the printer to set the toner around the paper. Any time you encounter an error together with the printer, you can either see an error message around the 5200's show screen or around the attached computer's screen, or you might notice troubles with all the printouts any time you retrieve them in the printer. Troubleshooting any complications you encounter will help you in discovering a remedy so you'll be able to repair the supply on the trouble.


1 Pull the printer's paper tray out of its slot within the bottom on the printer. Pull out any stuck pieces of paper you see inside the slot.

2 Take away any broken, creased or wrinkled paper in the paper tray. Press around the paper to ensure that all 4 corners sit underneath the tabs inside the 4 corners of your tray, then slide the tray back in to the printer. Open the printer's leading cover, then close the cover to determine in the event the jam error message disappears.

3 Open the printer's prime cover and take away the toner cartridge, then location the cartridge on a scrap piece of paper and cover it having a second piece of paper. Get rid of any stuck pieces of paper you see inside the printer by pulling them straight up.

4 Slide the print cartridge back in to the printer, and close the prime cover. Decrease the printer's rear door, then pull out any stuck pieces of paper employing each hands. Close the rear door, then open and close the best cover to determine when the jam error message disappears.

5 Get rid of the duplexer unit by pulling it away in the printer, then up. Pull out any stuck paper in the duplexer's slot too as in the duplexer itself, then slide the duplexer back into position within the printer.

6 Inspect the packaging for the media you happen to be utilizing with all the HP Laserjet 5200. Discontinue working with the media if it's not labeled as compatible with laser printers.

7 Press the "Menu" button around the printer's manage panel. Make use of the arrow keys to highlight "Configure Device" and press the "Ok" button. Make use of the arrow keys to highlight "Print Quality" and press the "Ok" button.

8 Make use of the arrow buttons to highlight "Economode" and press the "Ok" button. Make use of the arrow keys to choose "Off" then press the "Ok" button. Press the "Menu" button once again to exit the printer's menu technique.

9 Replace the print cartridge. Open the printer's major cover, and eliminate the print cartridge. Eliminate the new cartridge from its package, peel off the protective tape, then slide the cartridge in to the printer. Close the printer's prime cover, and wait for the printer to fall silent prior to beginning a brand new print job.

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