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How you can Turn On the Bluetooth on an HP Pavilion Entertainment Computer

Nov 2013
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Bluetooth wireless technologies enables you to transfer files and information amongst compatible devices more than a brief distance utilizing a secure, speedy and safe connection. Though a lot more readily related with cell phones, you can also make use of the technologies to connect computers, which includes HP Pavilion Entertainment PCs.


1. Check that your Pc features a built-in Bluetooth device by consulting its user guide. If it will not, you'll need to acquire an external receiver generally known as a "dongle" and connect it to a spare USB port.

2. Ensure that your wireless and Bluetooth receiver is turned on. Touch the antenna symbol subsequent for your PC's volume control. It is going to turn blue when it really is on and amber when it's off.

3. Go to the "Control Panel" from the commence menu and choose "HP Wireless Assistant" if you are making use of XP. You will ought to go by means of "Network and Internet" if you're operating Vista or Windows 7.

4. Be certain your Bluetooth adapter is enabled. If you get a warning that it's not, click on "Windows Device Manager," right-click in your Bluetooth device and choose "Enable."

5. Go back towards the "HP Wireless Assistant" window and press the "Turn on" button next towards the Bluetooth icon if it really is not currently displaying as being activated.

6. Your Bluetooth device is now on and you happen to be ready to connect to a further enabled unit.

7. Slide the side panel back onto your tower and plug your Pc back in once you are completed upgrading your Pavilion hardware.

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