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HP 1018 Printer Troubleshooting

Nov 2013
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Like all printers, the HP Laserjet 1018 printer includes a variety of internal parts which can malfunction or put on out more than time, plus the printer also needs period cleaning and upkeep. For anyone who is receiving error messages any time you try and print or the device refuses to print anything at all, you could be able to troubleshoot the issue your self without having resorting to a pricey pay a visit to to the repair shop.


1. Unplug the energy cable from the back of your HP 1018 printer and wait five minutes for the internal components to cool down. Lift open the plastic door in the major with the printer to reveal the plastic toner cartridge.

2. Grip the front finish from the toner cartridge and pull it toward you. Set the cartridge aside. Wipe off any toner residue visible inside the open location inside the printer with a soft cloth.

3. Inspect the exposed area inside the printer to find out if any paper is jammed within the pickup roller. Pull the paper out with the roller if any is present.

4. Find the white plastic tabs holding the pickup roller in place. Push open the tabs and pull the pickup roller out of your printer.

5. Dampen a cloth using a little amount of rubbing alcohol and clean off the pickup roller. Let it dry. Then set it back inside the printer. Push the roller down till both ends snap into position. Press the white tabs back to the original positions.

6. Insert the toner cartridge in to the printer and close the best cover. Plug within the power cable and energy up the HP Laserjet 1018.

7. Click the "Start" button in your computer and navigate towards the "Control Panel." Click the "Printer" link below the "Hardware" tab. Right-click the "HP Laserjet 1018" hyperlink and select "Properties."

8. Click on the "Configure" tab. Click the "Start" button, situated under the "Cleaning Page" heading. Wait for the cleaning page to print and see if it resolves the problem.

9. Unplug the printer's USB cable. Open your Net browser and navigate to the HP 1018 help web page. Go to the "Software and Driver Downloads" section. Pick your operating method and click "Next."

10. Click "Driver," then click the "Download" hyperlink next for the most recent driver out there. Double-click around the file after it downloads and comply with the on-screen prompts. Re-connect the printer for your laptop or computer and reboot the laptop or computer.

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