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Installing an HP PSC 2355 All-In-One Printer

Feb 2014
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You set up the HP PSC 2355 printer with all the CD that comes together with the printer when bought new. Should you shed the CD or get the printer second hand and there is certainly no CD with all the printer, you may have to have to set up the drivers and application your self without having the CD.


1. Unplug the printer in the wall outlet and unplug the USB cable in the personal computer.

2. Download the drivers and application from HP's PSC 2355 Software program & Driver Downloads page (see Resources). Select the operating system you have on your personal computer. Click "Next."

When you have the CD, insert it into your computer system and skip to Step 6.

3. Click on the plus sign by "Drivers" to reveal the two downloads. Choose to download the basis software program and drivers or the full-feature software program and drivers. After clicking the download button, a window opens asking you to "Save File."

4. Click "Save File" to save the file to your desktop, in the event you are using Internet Explorer. In case you are using Firefox, a window will open to show the status of the download. Allow the file to download.

5. Click on the downloaded file in the open window on Firefox to start the installation. In the event you saved the file to your desktop, find the file and double-click it to start the installation.

6. Follow the prompts as the application and drivers set up on your laptop.

7. Complete the installation by plugging the USB cable into the personal computer when prompted. Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet and turn on the printer. Click "Finish" on the installation screen. The printer will test the connection and print a test page.

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