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purchasing a HP 380467-003 AC Adapter, you should make sure of a few things

Nov 2014
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The laptops energy jack will not wiggle, causing the laptop to suddenlypower off.
YouUsually do notget a universal ac power adapter.
That you just DO invest in an OEM and never an OEM Compatible HP AC Adapter.
You will get an adapter together with thecorrect wattage.
The adapters tip
is theaccuratedimension.
Your adapter
needs to beinside ofone particular amp or one volt of what's listed on the bottom of your laptop. Any far more than that mayin factcauseinjury. What does that mean?
To the bottom of one's laptop there should be a stick that says what form of ac energy adapter it requires. By way of exampleon a HP 380467-003 AC Adapter.
Like abasic rule of thumb you shouldn't use a HP 380467-003 AC Adapter that may behigher than one.5V or one.5A of one's laptops specifications. Carrying out so can actuallyinduceharmto your laptops motherboard overtime.
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