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Repair a HP Series 600 Printer With a Malfunctioning Paper Feed Mechanism

Nov 2014
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Decideif your clutch actuator is broken or simply jammed. HP's internet site ([1] ought to be utilized as they have some goodparts layout drawings that canallow you toin this. It will also present you one of manyreasonsthe clutch actuator is getting jammed is due to the fact the cartridges had beenplace in wrong and occasionallygets misaligned. It can bea bigchallengewith this series of printers, nonetheless itis definitely thevery firststep in identifying if this really iscertainlythe situation.

it is, then very carefully and gently lift the clutch actuator assembly up and move it to youridealuntil it sits nextto theprincipal drive gear. We'llshow a situationwherever the clutch actuator was accidentally broken off through theconsumer.
3After this
it's essential tofind outa method to get the broken aspect (clutch actuator) that is definitely left from the printer out for repair and re-installation. A single way that you cando thisis always totakeall the covers off the printer. Then take apart the print head assembly and associatedcomponentsuntil finallyyou will bedown to the prime hold down rail that holds down the paper pick-up assembly and where the clutch actuator is located. As soon asthat is definitelyfinished, get the broken part and applyingAddedPower Krazy Glue glue the broken pieces back with each other.
4Once the
aspect had cured sufficiently (30 Minutes Min.) You then location the clutch actuator back into it can bespot and reassembled the rest of the printer.
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