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Replace a Broken Compaq Laptop Screen

Jan 2015
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Replace a Broken Compaq Laptop Screen

Energy down your Compaq laptop. Disconnect the power adapter from thepowersource.

2 Turn over the Compaq and take away the battery. There is a battery release mechanism close to the majorof the unit’s underside. It lies just under the outline of your actual battery. Slide this release to pop out the battery as a security measure.

3 Turn the Compaq laptop back more than and open the computer so the show is upright. Appear along the plastic perimeter that surrounds the actual Compaq laptop screen. This perimeter would be the bezel, and you'll find screws along it which can be concealed with plastic seals.

four Pop the Compaq laptop screen’s seals off with your fingers or the tip of a flathead screwdriver. Get rid of the screws employing a Phillips head screwdriver.

five Pry the bezel gently off and put it to the side.

sixEliminate the metal brackets from either side in the Compaq laptop screen. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to take away the two to three screws from every single bracket. The number of screws will varybased upon your Compaq model.

7 Pull the screen back
from the rear casing with theshow. You must see the LCD cable runningfrom the back with the Compaq screen down for the base with the laptop. It connects to a socket at this point. Lift up partially on one edge of this socket and pull out the LCD cable.

eight Lift the loose screen gradually up and out from the monitor assembly. Set it aside.

9 Slide the replacement screen
carefullyin to the spot vacated by the old display. Connect its LCD cable to the LCD cable socket by lifting up around the edge in the socket again, sliding the cable in and pushing down firmly around the socket to lock it in location.

tenPlace the two metal brackets back in place.

11 Slide the bezel back
more than the show. Replace the screws working with your Phillips head screwdriver, then pop the screw seals back on.

12 Pop the battery back
into the bottom in the Compaq laptop and reconnect the power adapter.
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