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Show the Ink Status Window in an HP Deskjet F300 Series

Feb 2015
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Show the Ink Status Window in an HP Deskjet F300 Series

oneFind the HP Remedy Center on a Windows computer by clicking the "Start" or Windows icon, choose "All Programs" and after thatopt for the HP folder to open a whole new window. Double-click the "HP Option Center" utility application.

2 Click the "Settings" button then click the "Printer Toolbox" button while in the "HP Resolution Center" window.

three Click the "Device Services" tab and after that click the "Estimated Ink Levels" button to show a visual with the ink levelsfor every cartridge.

1 Open any document in an application that can print, suchbeing a letter in Microsoft Word.

2Pick "Print" beneath "File" in theleading menu bar or below the Workplace button to launch the print dialog window. Checkthe HP Deskjet F300 Series printer is pickednext to "Printer."

3 Click the "Properties" button then click the "Services" tab during the "Properties" window.

4 Click the "Service This Device" button represented by both an icon exhibiting ink degree bars or perhaps a wrench icon. Click the "Estimated Ink Levels" selection to show ink levelsfor each cartridge as colored bars.

one Launch the "System Preferences" application by clicking the "System Preferences" icon in the dock or by selecting "System Preferences" underneath the Apple logoinside thetop rated menu bar.

two Click the "Print & Fax" button to open the "Printers and Faxes" window. Pick the HP Deskjet F300 printer through the list of installed printers after which click the "Options and Supplies" button.

three Click the "Utility" tab and after thatpick the Ink Levelalternative to view the current estimated ink levelfor each cartridge.
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