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The best way to Activate the Fingerprint Scanner on an HP 6910P

Apr 2014
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The fingerprint scanner in your HP 6910P gives additional safety for the notebook also as a fast method to log on for your personal computer and access Internet websites that demand passwords. Just after you have got your laptop up and operating, you'll be able to register your fingerprint. When your fingerprint is registered, you may also set it as much as sign in to Internet websites that demand passwords, making use of a tool referred to as "Single Sign On." Various customers can register their fingerprints around the pc.               


1 Click "Start," "All Applications," "VeriSoft" and after that "My Identity." Pick "Register Credentials" to open the wizard. You may also swipe your finger perpendicularly more than the metal sensor around the fingerprint reader to launch the fingerprint setup wizard. VeriSoft was installed whenever you setup your pc.

2 Enter the user name and password you use to log on for your laptop.

3 Click "Next," then click "Fingerprints (registered)" to open the "Enroll Your Fingerprints" window.

4 Location a finger on one of several two hands displayed to enroll that fingerprint.

5 Swipe your chosen finger more than the reader at the least 4 instances. You need to swipe your finger within the identical path every single time. Every on the squares around the screen adjustments colour if you have swiped your finger effectively. A message seems in case your finger swipe is just not prosperous.

6 Choose a second finger and repeat the course of action in Step 5 when prompted. VeriSoft recommends registering two fingers.

7 Click "Next" to confirm you should save the fingerprints. You could now swipe your finger to log on for your pc as an alternative to sort your user name and password.

8 Repeat the above eight measures if greater than one particular user is registered around the laptop or computer. Every single user should have a distinctive user name and password.

9 Click "Start," "All Applications," "VeriSoft," "My Identity," "Settings and Options" and "General Solutions."

10 Verify the box subsequent to "Use VeriSoft to sign in to Windows" if it is not currently chosen.

11 Click "Apply."

12 Choose "Single Sign On" within the "Settings and Options" window.

13 Verify all boxes except "Do not show hint window," and click "Apply."

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