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The best way to Erase the Really hard Drive on a Compaq Presario

Jan 2015
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The best way to Erase the Really hard Drive on a Compaq Presario

1 Delete
all of your files working with Microsoft Window's Disk Cleanup tool. To perform this, open up your Start out menu and pick "Programs," then "Accessories." Click on "System Tools" and then "Disk Cleanup." By pickingmany boxes, you could delete all your cookies, temporaryWeb folders, browsing history, typeinformation and passwords, at the same time as each of the folders and files on yourlaptop. It is going to even empty your Recycle Bin.

2Just afterrunning Disk Cleanup, go through your difficult drive to becomeconfidentanything was deleted. If not, right-click and pick "Delete," and then empty out your Recycle Bin. This may not truly delete the information and factscompletely, but rather hide it in theaverage user.

three Reformat your computer's challenging drive as an additional disk-erasing process. Put your boot disk in to thereally hard drive and commence your laptop or computer. Kind in "Format C:" (or what evertough drive letter) when prompted.

four Use your Windows CD as an additionalchoice for reformatting. Throughout the installation approach, pick out to reformat your drive. Furthermore, you could use a disk manager program like Partition Magic. Either way, realize thatif you reformat your hard drive, you shedall yourinformation, which can be why you constantly back up your informationprior to reformatting; however, the most effective hackers could possibly beable to recover this lost info.

5 Use computer software to overwrite your difficult drive and totally erase it. This makes it nearimpossible for anybody to retrieve your data. Buy a disk-wiping or disk-dumping programfor example Active Kill Disk, Drive Scrubber or Inspector E-Maxx. These applicationprograms rewrite overall yourcontent material, thereby erasing it in theprocess. The additionaltimes the applications does this (as well as theextrahighly-priced the software), the extralikely even theseusing thebest encryption systems will notbe capable of recover your information.
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