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The best way to Install a Sound Driver on an HP Computer

May 2013
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Should you be having problems hearing audio with your HP computer, you may want to install or then you definitely sound card drivers. Drivers are needed to perform the sound card correctly so the audio is sent towards the speakers or headphones. Without the right drivers installed, laptop computer won't discover how to have the data processed from the sound card towards external speaker. Most HP computers come with the drivers already installed, but these may become outdated or perhaps accidentally corrupted. You are able to manually install new drivers in multiple ways when you encounter any problems
1. Click "Start," then type "Device Manager" in the search field. Press Enter to begin the unit Manager program.
2. Visit "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" to inflate the options.
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3. Right-select your sound card and choose "Properties." For those who have multiple sound card options listed, you will have to repeat this process for many options.
4. Click the "Driver" tab.
5. Select "Update Driver" and choose to do an automatic search. (You might need a working Web connection to check with the latest driver updates.) Windows will install the precise drivers. In the event the driver seriously isn't found automatically, stick to the next steps.
6. Insert the Windows installation disc that had your HP computer. For those who have an outside CD for drivers or even a CD specifically for a sound card, insert that instead.
7. Choose "Update Driver" within the "Driver" tab again, but this time around select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software."
8. Navigate to the CD you inserted and want to install the drivers after that. You'll want to confirm the box labeled "Include Sub-folders" so the program searches your entire CD. Should you not use a CD, proceed with the next thing.
9. Download the appropriate drivers from your HP support website (see Resources). Seek out the exact computer model you possess for just a directory support options, then download the sound card drivers listed for your computer model.
10. Double-click on the executable file you downloaded. It must chance a self-installation program that will remodel your sound card drivers.

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