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The Best Way to Install HP 74/75 Printer Cartridges

Sep 2013
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) 74 and 75 printer cartridges are employed inside the company's PhotoSmart and OfficeJet printers. The 74 ink cartridge provides black ink, and the tri-color cartridge may be the 75 ink cartridge. Based on your wants, you may determine to purchase combo packs of each ink cartridges or choose to buy them separately. Combo packs of 74 and 75 printer cartridges are less costly.


1. Eliminate the protective tape from the ink cartridge you would like to set up very first.

2. Energy up the printer, and open the print cartridge access door.

3. Take away the old print cartridge by pressing down on the cartridge latch and pulling out the bottom in the latch. Slowly slide out the old cartridge. Typically, a green latch is for the tri-color cartridge and also the black latch is for the black ink cartridge. You'll be able to also distinguish the cartridges and latches by the matching the designs on both. The left latch may have a triangle, as well as the right latch may have either a square or pentagon.

4. Hold the new ink cartridge with the HP label facing up. Slowly slide the ink cartridge in location.

5. Push the cartridge latch down till it snaps closed.

6. Repeat with all the second ink cartridge. Close the print cartridge access door when you are completed with each cartridges.

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