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The best way to Open a Compaq Presario Tower

Jan 2015
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The best way to Open a Compaq Presario Tower

one Shut down your personal computer.

two Unplug the black electrical power cable from theelectrical powersupplyaround the back of thesituation. Eliminate the cables linkedto the back of thecase that run on the keyboard, mouse and keep track of. Unplug any additional USB or Ethernet cables which have beenlinkedto thepc ports.

3 Pull the completecasefrom its latestplace and set it down on thesteadywork surface, this kind ofas being a table or desk. Set the situation down gently on its suitable side, so the left panel is dealing withdirectly upward towards you.

4Test the back side with thesituation and see if it'sjust one thumbscrew, two case screws or even a pull-out latch. Both twist the thumbscrew to the left until eventually it pops fromthe situation, take awaythe twocase screws having a screwdriver, or pull up and out around the latch to disengage the panel in thecase.

five Push down slightlyto the panel and slide it far fromthe case. Get rid of the panel totally and set it aside. The internalcomponentsof thepersonal computer will now be noticeable.
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