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The best way to Repair an HP Pavilion DV6700

May 2014
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Owning a laptop is like owning a ticking time bomb in many strategies. At any second, a thing main can go incorrect, leaving you without an efficient computing remedy. Generally, that is when a superb service warranty would come in. But if you are like a lot of people, you may have overlooked that pesky little detail. Crippling damage to your laptop is usually brought on by anything from spilled liquid in your keyboard to a crashed tough drive. Luckily, in the case in the HP Pavilion dv6700, you'll be able to execute repairs your self with only minor disassembly needed.


1 Turn off your dv6700 laptop, and unplug the main power adapter. Pull the show panel closed, flip the laptop over and, with the front from the laptop facing you, get rid of the battery pack from its compartment.

2 Loosen the two Phillips screws around the difficult drive compartment's cover. Take away the cover in the laptop, grasp the difficult drive's pull tab, and lift straight as much as disconnect the drive from the motherboard. Lift the really hard drive out of the compartment, and set it aside.

3 Get rid of the Phillips screws securing the metal mounting frame to the tough drive assembly. Lift the mounting frame off of the old really hard drive and transfer the frame and retaining screws to the new really hard drive assembly.

4 Place the new difficult drive inside the empty compartment. Slide the drive towards the left until the information connectors around the drive connect firmly to the laptop's data connectors.

5 Replace the really hard drive compartment cover and its two Phillips screws.

6 Remove the five Phillips screws from inside the empty battery compartment. Then unscrew the two Phillips screws situated beneath the compartment. These screws fasten the keyboard and switch cover for the top rated side of the laptop.

7 Spot the laptop face up, and pull open the display panel as far as you possibly can. Grasp the rear edge of your switch cover, which can be the plastic piece above the keyboard assembly, and tilt it forward. Disconnect the two ribbon cables from the bottom side from the switch cover, and remove the cover from the laptop.

8 Grasp the top edge from the keyboard, tilt it forward, and unplug the ribbon cable extending from the keyboard's bottom side for the motherboard socket. Eliminate the keyboard in the laptop.

9 Location the new keyboard inside the laptop at an upward angle. Connect the keyboard's ribbon cable to the motherboard socket connector. Lay the keyboard flat inside the laptop. Reconnect the two ribbon cables for the switch cover. Place the switch cover back into its compartment, and press down on it till it snaps into location.

10 Pull the display panel closed, place the laptop face down and replace the seven Phillips screws in the laptop's bottom case that fasten the keyboard and switch cover in spot.

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