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The best way to Replace a Fuser inside a Colour Laserjet CP2025

May 2014
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Regardless of whether you use your HP CP2025 LaserJet printer for household or operate, the fuser plays a very important function. The job with the fuser is usually to seal the ink towards the paper. When the fuser cartridge wears out it might no longer offer that function. For those who notice that the ink is rubbing off the paper and having in your hands, that is definitely a clean indication that the fuser cartridge requires to become replaced. Thankfully, you may order a replacement fuser for the CP2025 and alter it oneself.


1 Shut the CP2025 printer down and eliminate the energy cord. Enable the printer to sit for no less than 30 minutes, because the fuser cartridge gets extremely hot when the printer is operating.

2 Turn the printer about to ensure that the back is facing you. Pull open the back cover and find the fuser cartridge. The fuser may have a warning sticker on it indicating a higher temperature.

3 Find the two retaining clips at every single side in the fuser cartridge. Flip these clips down to release the fuser.

4 Pull the fuser straight out on the printer, working with the deal with around the front from the cartridge. Sit the utilised fuser cartridge aside and open the box containing the new one particular.

5 Get rid of any packaging components that had been utilised to safeguard the cartridge in transit. These packaging components are colored orange to create them quick to spot.

6 Grasp the new fuser cartridge by the deal with and slide it in to the printer till it stops. Flip down the two retaining clips to lock the fuser in spot, then close the printer, reattach the energy cord and press the energy button.

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