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The way to Clean the Fan on an HP Laptop

May 2014
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The fans within your Hewlett Packard laptop pc are essential to maintaining its processor from overheating and frying. With time, dust builds up inside the blades from the fan plus the copper heat sinks that distribute the air. This causes the the pc to heat even quicker. To maintain this from taking place, clean the fans within your laptop frequently so they're going to cool it down more quickly. Do not wipe away the dust along with your personal hands. Use a cotton tip or air to take away it.


1 Unplug the laptop. Disconnect its AC connector. Get rid of the battery. This prevents any electric shocks though operating around the pc.

2 Turn the personal computer upside down. Unscrew and get rid of the computer's RAM cover. That tends to make certain it is not inside the way. This can be positioned behind the battery crevice. Bear in mind every single screw and exactly where it was situated, then retailer the screws someplace protected. Take away the key plastic cover more than the vents.

3 Eliminate the ducts and covers which are around the laptop's two fans. They are the metal covers more than the wide cylinder surrounding the fans, and they may be held in location by extremely tiny screws. You will need a quantity 1 size screwdriver. Take away the screws incredibly cautiously so as to not drop them, specially anyplace inside the laptop's interior.

4 Wipe or blow away all dust collected around the fan blades as well as the fan's copper heat sinks. Compressed air will operate ideal so long as you do not send the dust anyplace else inside the laptop's interior. In case you do not possess a compressed air blower, wipe away the dust having a cotton swab.

5 Location and screw the ducts and covers back around the fans. Re-attach all covers around the laptop and connect the battery.

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