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The way to Install an HP Deskjet 5550

Nov 2013
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The HP DeskJet 5550 printer is possibly one of the easiest HP printers to install. The installation is based soley on physical configuration. Establishing a physical USB connection can automatically set up the printer's application drivers. The USB sync cable comes equipped with pre-installed drivers that may be recognized and installed to the laptop automatically.


Installation in Windows Vista and 7

1. Connect the HP DeskJet 5550 printer's A/C adapter to its inlet port plus a wall energy outlet.

2. Turn the printer on by holding down its power button until its LED light illuminates. The printer will also make an alert noise as soon as it truly is powered on.

3. Plug the HP DeskJet 5550's USB connector able into one of several computer's USB ports, and in to the printer hardware's USB inlet port, situated at the back on the printer. The laptop will commence operating straight away to detect the connection. When the connection is detected, the printer's software drivers will be installed automatically.

Earlier Windows Operating Systems

4. Visit the "HP DeskJet 5550 Drivers and Downloads." (See sources for web page hyperlink.)

5. Present the name of the operating program for the computer system, where you'd prefer to set up the HP DeskJet 5550. The software driver hyperlink for the operating technique will probably be displayed when your World-wide-web browser redirects to the download screen.

6. Click the driver link that may be displayed for the operating method. A download window will open with two solutions. Opt to simply run the installation application, as opposed to saving it to your personal computer.

7. Run the driver setup application link and adhere to the HP InstallShield wizard prompts, and select on the advisable HP driver settings to complete the installation.

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