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The way to Set a Driver for an HP LaserJet 3500

Mar 2014
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The HP LaserJet 3500 is definitely an office-grade laser printer. Prior to you may commence making use of the printer along with your laptop or computer, you'll need to adequately setup and set up the hardware, then set up the driver. Without the need of the software program driver, Windows may have no indicates of recognizing the printer. Prior to beginning, verify that the printer is plugged into a energy outlet and connected for the pc straight or across the neighborhood region network connection. H


1. Turn in your personal computer and log into your user account. Commence your Online browser and navigate to HP's small business assistance web page (hp.com). Enter "LJ3500" inside the search box, then press "Enter." Click the LaserJet 3500 hyperlink. Click "Download drivers and computer software," then pick your version of Windows.

2. Click "Download." Save the file for your computer system desktop and wait for the download to finish.

3. Double-click the installer file in your desktop (exactly where you saved it in Step 2). Click "Unzip," then "OK."

4. Click the "Start" button. Right-click "Computer," then click "Manage." Click "Device Manager."

5. Right-click the LaserJet 3500 printer beneath "Other Devices" (if all other hardware is effectively installed, the printer might be the only unknown device.) Click "Update driver application." Click "Browse my laptop for driver application."

6. Navigate for the folder you unzipped in Step 3. (Default is C://HP CLJ3500.) Click "OK," then "Next." Click "OK."

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