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The way to Set up HP Printer 6310

Sep 2013
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Hewlett-Packard is among the market leaders in the production of high quality printers. Printers have continued to evolve into devices that do far more than produce simple black and white documents. Multi-functional printers possess the capacity to swiftly print high-resolution colour photographs and documents, acquire and send faxes, scan files, and act as a networked printer for many computers. The HP Printer 6310 is definitely an all-in-one device that is conveniently in a position to accomplish all of these factors. Here is how you can rapidly setup and install your new HP Printer 6310 on your pc


1. Take away all the packing and shipping tape in the printer. Open the top cover from the printer and remove the orange shipping lock on the left inside panel of one's printer.

2. In the event the control panel faceplate just isn't attached, attach it by lining it up together with the printer and securely press down on the edges of the faceplate till it snaps into spot.

3. Attach the bottom paper tray by inserting it in to the front opening in the printer. Slide the paper adjuster each of the strategy to the left and load paper onto the tray.

4. Attach the top output tray by inserting it above the bottom paper tray and hooking it in to the grey latches around the printer. Once the hooks happen to be inserted, reduced the tray into place.

5. Connect the energy cord to the printer then plug it into a wall outlet. Insert 1 finish on the telephone cord that comes along with your printer in to the jack labeled "1-line." Insert the other end in the telephone cord into a wall phone jack.

6. Turn on your printer by pressing the "On" button. Lift the print cartridge door by pulling up underneath the control panel. The print cartridge must move for the proper. Eliminate the ink cartridges by gently pulling them till they slide out of their slots. Eliminate the tape on each cartridge. Return them to the suitable slot by pushing them in till they snap back into location. Close the print cartridge door.

7. An alignment message will show in your printer. Be sure you have paper loaded then click "OK" to finish the alignment process.

8. Insert the installation CD that came along with your printer into your computer's CD-drive. Adhere to the onscreen directions until you're prompted to connect the USB cable. Connect the USB cable for the port around the back of one's HP printer after which plug the other finish in to the USB port on your personal computer. Continue following the onscreen guidelines until you total the installation wizard. Your HP Printer 6310 is now setup and installed on your pc.

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