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Tips on how to Enter into CLI about the HP ProCurve 2600

Sep 2014
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Tips on how toEnter into CLI about the HP ProCurve 2600

1Connectjust oneclosefrom the HP serial console cable towards the 9-pin connector to thepersonal computer.

2 Plug one otherconcludefrom the HP serial console cable into your serial console port around the HP 2600 swap.

threeClick on the "Start" button about the computer's desktop, then simply click "Run." Sort "hypertrm" while in theOperate box and push the "Enter" key. The HyperTerminal software will show up.

4Sort "HP 2600" from the HyperTerminal window's "Name:" industry and press the "Enter" vital.

5Simply click the "Connect making use of:" drop-down box and select the "Com port" mentionedthat isaccustomed tojointhe pcto the HP 2600 switch. Press the "Enter" critical.

sixPick the "Bits persecond:" drop-down box, and select the "9600" placing. Click on the "Flow Control" drop-down box and click on "Xon/Xoff" and press the "Enter" key.

7Electrical powerto the HP 2600 change. Faucet the "Enter" criticala couple ofmomentsand the HP 2600 command prompt will exhibit.
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