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Tips on How to Get USB Drivers for Compaq Updated

Jul 2014
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USB Devices enable your computer or laptop to connect most with anything, such as hard drives, MP3 players as well as your mouse. The USB ports on your Compaq computer are  connected to the motherboard defaultly. Like other computer devices,sometimes they  need driver updates. For example, if you get a USB 2.0 device without the suitable drivers, your USB might be running at the slower USB 1.1 speeds. Want to fix this immediately? And You can try to find USB Driver Updates.


1 Click the Start button and get "Device Manager"  typed in the search box. Pick "Device Manager" under the "Control Panel"  item..

2 Double-click on "Universal Serial Bus" in the Device Manager. This may bring up a list of your USB devices installed rightly in your computer.

3 Right-click on any USB device and choose "Properties" item.

4 Click the "Driver" tab and pick out "Update Drivers".

5 Pick Out "Search automatically for updated driver software". Windows will look for driver updates and get them installed automaically..

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