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Tips on how to Use an HP CD-RW 8220E

Mar 2014
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Hewlett Packard (HP) is definitely an American ICT firm -- it manufactures a array of computer systems and laptop accessories. The 8220e is definitely an external CD drive which connects effortlessly to a computer's USB port. In order for the external CD drive to function, the proper drivers has to be installed. The HP Drivers and Application web page supplies customers with drivers and computer software for any piece of gear bought.



1. Direct your browser towards the HP Drivers and Computer software web page.

2. Expand the "Driver" section and download the USB driver installation file. Double-click this file and extract the contents to "C:\HP_USB_CD-RW_drivers" around the tough drive.

3. Connect the 8220e to a totally free USB port in your laptop -- the hardware installation will start.

4. Stick to the onscreen directions till that you are asked exactly where the drivers are installed. At this point, browse for the place with the driver (C:\HP_USB_CD-RW_drivers) and pick it because the directory.

5. Total the installation wizard to finish the method. Your external CD drive will now be prepared to utilize.

The best way to Use

6. Insert a CD in to the drive to study it. To get a information CD, click the "Start" button and open "My Computer" to access the CD -- it will likely be positioned beneath the "Devices With Removable Storage" heading. For an audio CD, open a piece of application which plays music to play it.

7. Download and set up RecordNow.

8. Open the software program and insert a blank CD in to the drive.

9. Click "Make a Information Disc" to make a information CD. Navigate by means of your computer system method for the files you want to copy, click and drag these files onto the RecordNow interface. After you have added each of the files, click "Next" to start writing the CD.

10. Click "Make a Music Disc" to make a disc for audio playback.

11. Click "Make a Disc from Audio Files" or "Make a Disc for an MP3 Player."

12. Click "Scan for Music" to find each of the music in your program. Inside the "Music on System" window, click on every single track that you just want to burn and click "Add." Rearrange the track list by clicking every track and dragging it towards the position you would like. Whenever you are satisfied together with your choice, click "Next" to start burning the CD.

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