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Ways to Clean an HP Laserjet 2300D

May 2014
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Throughout periods of inactivity your HP LaserJet 2300D printer may possibly turn into dusty. This could avoid the internal elements from operating effectively and may trigger streaks in your printed documents. The elements may perhaps also come to be dirty from bits of toner powder and result in extra printing challenges. Manually cleaning out the inside location in the LaserJet printer and printing off a cleaning web page resolves the troubles and fixes the print excellent difficulties.


1 Press and hold the energy button for 5 seconds to shut off the LaserJet printer. Unplug the printer's energy cable out of your wall outlet.

2 Grip the edge in the plastic cover around the best from the printer. Lift the cover up till it locks into location. Grab the toner cartridge inside the printer and pull it toward you.

3 Set the toner cartridge aside. Gently wipe out the internal section with the printer using a dry, soft cloth. Slide the toner cartridge back in to the printer. Push the cartridge down till it snaps into spot.

4 Connect the printer's energy cable to a wall outlet and press the energy button around the front on the printer. Insert at the least a single web page of typical copy paper within the printer's paper feed tray.

5 Tap the "Select" button around the front in the printer to bring up the menu around the printers handle panel. Make use of the down arrow important to scroll towards the "Configure Device" alternative. Press "Select." Make use of the down arrow important once again to scroll for the "Print Quality" choice and press "Select."

6 Pick the "Create Cleaning Page" alternative and press "Select" to print a cleaning web page that cleans the fuser inside the printer.

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