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Ways to Open a Compaq Presario Laptop

Dec 2014
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Ways to Open a Compaq Presario Laptop

one Disconnect your laptop's energy cord from your wall, as wellas theinternal battery pack. To perform this, locate the slide tab that locks the battery in locationon the side of the laptop. Hold this tab down to unlock the battery and slide the pack out of its port.

2 Flip the laptop above and use a Phillip's head screwdriver to eliminateevery singlefrom the screws holding it collectively. Not every hole could have a screw, so neverstressif you see an empty hole; you are not missing something. Moreover, a number of the screws are going to bevarious lengths, which means youneed tomake a note of which screw goes in which and kind them accordingly.

3Find the removable plastic covering in the front tip from the laptop. Slide this off to expose the computer's difficult drive, which you will need toremovebeforeyou are able to open the computer system. There might be two screws, a single at each corner, youhave to have to remove to pull the challenging drive no cost. These screws will likely bemuchsmallercompared to the ones you eliminated in Phasetwo, so ensure that you separate them and make a note of in which they belong.

4 Disconnect the laptop screenin thebodywith thecomputer system by locating and getting rid ofthe two screws that hold it in place. They'refoundon the back the place the energy cord plugs in. As soon asthese areeliminated, pull up within the two rotating arms that permit the laptop or computerscreen to move up and down. When these pop totally free, gently lift up to thedisplayuntil finallythe two silver posts are absolutely freeof the computer's physique. Considerunique care to not pull so challengingyou disconnect the 2 wires that lead from yourdisplayon thepersonal computer.

five Separate the two plastic halves of your laptop's physique. As soon asyou'll be able to see inside the laptop, you maynotice a protective metal plate on best (almost certainly silver), covering the computer's motherboard. Unscrew every one of the screws---making positive to type them meticulously, as theinternal screws is going to bedistinctin the external ones---and eliminate the plate to accessibility any in the computer's innerelements.
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