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Ways to Repair Low Ink in an HP Printer

May 2014
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More than time and use, the ink cartridge in an HP printer will sooner or later run out of ink and must be replaced. You'll be able to replace the cartridge having a brand-new cartridge in the similar sort and recycle your old cartridge at ink cartridge recycle boxes usually located in workplace provide shops. Newer HP printers will show a low ink warning in your screen and inform you which ink cartridge must be replaced. Most household printers may have two cartridges--one which has the black ink and a single that includes the colour inks. Be sure to know which cartridge must be replaced primarily based around the on-screen directions.


1 Turn in your HP printer and open the front door. Distinctive models will open differently, but typically the door will swing downward or outward in the front.

2 Enable the printer carrier to move to its “home” position. The printer will do that automatically when it senses the front door is open. The “home” position can be the center with the printer or towards the right-hand side. This can be the position that offers the user together with the most access for the print cartridges.

3 Establish the kind of cartridge you'll need to replace. HP printer ink cartridges are marked by numbers. You could possibly see a sticker around the inside from the printer door that tells you what quantity black and colour cartridge you'll need to buy for replacement. In the event you usually do not see a sticker, you may also discover the quantity around the old cartridge at the moment inside your printer.

4 Spot your thumb around the major on the old cartridge and gently press down and pull out. The cartridge must pop out from the printer. You are able to now see the cartridge quantity printed around the top rated with the cartridge.

5 Obtain a replacement HP cartridge for the printer. You may do that at a retail shop or from an internet vendor. Ensure that it really is the identical quantity because the old cartridge.

6 Unpackage the new cartridge. Make sure you take away the tiny piece of tape in the bottom in the cartridge connector. Removing this tape enables the ink to flow out of your cartridge. Be cautious to not touch this a part of the cartridge as you set up it.

7 Spot your thumb around the major from the cartridge and gently snap it back in to the cartridge carrier. You could possibly need to have to angle the cartridge in from under and press up and inward in the identical time. You might really feel it snap securely after it is actually in spot.

8 Let the printer to print a test web page when you are prompted. This may well assistance having a new cartridge alignment and enables you to determine in the event the cartridge is operating appropriately.

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