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Ways to Troubleshoot a HP LaserJet 2550L

Jul 2014
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The LaserJet 2550L is actually a colour personal computer printer created and released by Hewlett Packard. Each and every system in your laptop which has the capacity to print really should be capable of see and make use of the LaserJet constantly. In case your personal computer application abruptly can not recognize the hardware or in the event the printer begins reproducing photos and documents with errors there are some factors you'll be able to try and repair the device.


1 Download and set up any offered device driver updates in the World-wide-web. Even though the HP LaserJet 2550L is discontinued, it really is nevertheless probable to possess an outdated driver for the printer in your laptop, specially if you have owned the device for an extended period. Visit HP's "Download Drivers and Software" web page and click the name of the operating technique to download the acceptable file.

2 Reboot your laptop. In case your HP LaserJet 2550L is connected to two or additional computer systems through a network, reboot all computer systems which have access for the printer. This could repair complications using a slow print queue. Jobs sent out of your computer system is often trapped either around the network or inside the program memory of a laptop. Rebooting makes it possible for the memory to clear as well as the jobs to pass by means of unobstructed.

3 Plug the cable that connects your HP LaserJet 2550L for your computer system into a distinct USB port around the Computer. In the event the USB port in your private personal computer fails, data will no longer move freely among each devices applying the cable. Be sure the cable is plugged securely into your personal computer and switch to a distinct port just before looking to print once again.

4 Reboot the HP LaserJet 2550L. Press the "Power" button around the prime in the unit to turn it off. Unplug the energy cable in the wall. Let the printer sit disconnected for 5 minutes. Plug the energy cable back in and turn the HP LaserJet 2550L on. This will likely clear the printer's memory. Make an effort to print out of your laptop once again.

5 Run the automatic calibration mode in your printer. Press the button labeled "Go" around the prime in the LaserJet 2550L. In the similar time, rotate the circular button (officially known as a "carousel") around the best with the unit to start the automatic calibration mode. This will likely adjust the settings of the printer to boost high-quality in spite of factors like an aging imaging drum assembly.

6 Execute the automatic cleaning method around the HP LaserJet 2550L. Open the HP Toolbox application (the application you installed if you initially setup the printer) and click "Device Settings." Decide on the "Settings" and "Service" solutions, followed by the button labeled "Start" inside the "Cleaning Mode" section in the window. This will likely clean the inside of your printer which includes regions just like the fuser exactly where concerns regularly take place.

7 Examine your printer completely for indicators of a paper jam. Paper can get jammed inside the paper tray, inside the manual paper-intake around the inside with the tray or around the location of your printer exactly where your printed documents come out. Pull the paper tray out on the printer and examine this location for jams. Use your hand to no cost any excess paper. Execute the identical verify around the inside of your printer (open the best cover) and by taking a look at exactly where printed documents leave the unit.

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