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What's the Chipset for that HP Pavilion Series?

Aug 2014
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What's the Chipset for that HP Pavilion Series?

3with the HP Pavilion notebooks use an Intel chipset. The HP Mini 110-3100 series utilizes an Intel Atom processor (N455 series). The G-series laptops, of which there are actually5diverse 2010 models, run an Intel Core Processor (i3-370M) chipset. The ENVY Pavilion laptops, that are high-performance techniques with expandable memory up to 8GB, run Intel Core (i7-740QM series) chipsets.

Not all Pavilion laptop
systemsapplied Intel chipsets; the dv5-2000 procedure -- a high-performance enjoymentmethod -- ran with AMD technologies. Especially, the dv5-2000 made use of an AMD Phenom II Triple-Core Mobile processor with N830 vision technological innovation, with a base configuration of 2.1 GHz and level-2 cache.

Identifying the
partsof a Pavilion notebook is createduncomplicated with HP's automatic detection program, a totally free plugin for aweb browser that could be downloaded from the manufacturer's site. The plugin detects all the system's hardware, which includes the chipset, and assists you findproper drivers and currentsoftware.
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